Who is DNR Laboratories?

Who is DNR Laboratories?2019-02-11T07:38:21-05:00

DNR is a growing audio and video system integrator, focused on design, installation, customer service and education.

Our objective is to clearly develop audio and video solutions which are extraordinary in terms of technology and design. For that, research and development are as important to us as first-class knowledge in design and logistics. These competencies and our extensive inventory enable us to respond quickly to our customers’ requirements to achieve specially tailored solutions in extremely short time periods.

Our well versed installers are passionate about AV. Our team of nearly two dozen professionals includes a full-time licensed E1 electrician, a programmer, and a complete staff of installers. Based in Watertown, Connecticut, we have been in business for 15 years, having completed hundreds of extensive projects in Connecticut, New York and Vermont. Each year, DNR completes more than 30 large systems and more than 100 small to medium size installations… each to exceptional quality.

  • reliable new service vehicles
  • diagnostic tools valued at over $20K per technician,  for calbibration generation and true signal testing
  • fully insured & properly licensed
  • E1, C5 and E2 professionals on staff
  • all technicians hold CTS certification (several of whom hold CTS-D), and electroacoustics
  • extensive training in Rational Acoustics F
  • extensive training with most manufacturers
  • telephones answered personally… no phone tree
  • we won’t leave a job until the customer says it’s right
  • inhouse design department with combined 30 years of experience 
  • unlimited supply of resources for information on all technology
  • strength of 15+  years in business solving customer problems

Take a look at our work, speak to our many satisfied customers, and CONTACT DNR to learn how we can create a solution for you.

“The word custom…
is often used in systems integration.  Custom can mean uncharted territory and untested products and is often used as an excuse for a design failure.  I named the company DNR Laboratories for a reason, it is in our laboratory that we do our research and development… we do not have our clients test new products. A manufacturer’s promise of functionality is not enough.  As a result, we have become a reliable resource for manufacturers who have come to trust our product evaluations, and as a result we now enjoy a very special relationship that has us punch well above our weight in our design process for our client requirements.”

Don Gamsjager, CTS
Founder & CEO