Case Study: Palace Theater | Waterbury, CT

Case Study: Palace Theater | Waterbury, CT2018-08-29T14:41:40-04:00

Since it’s reopening in 2004, Waterbury’s iconic entertainment venue struggled with the expense and management of printed show posters and public space advertising messages.

The traditional process included poster design by the graphic artist, display printing on a wide format color inkjet printer, and finally gluing and mounting the finished piece in a framed cabinet.

The entire process involved expensive expertise and labor by a string of professionals along the way. After a while, even the mounting mat in the frame needed to be replaced. 

Palace executives engaged DNR Laboratories to engineer a modern solution to the ongoing task of promoting shows and displaying promotional messages. The DNR technicians proposed a cloud hosted system of video displays throughout the venue, inside and out.

An in-house designer (anyone with modest Photoshop skills can master the process)  “localizes” the show art sent by the producer by adding the Palace Theater logo and show date and time. The file is uploaded to the cloud and is scheduled to appear in the selected display at the appropriate time. The Palace administrator is able to schedule all the displays in advance, allowing for off-hours changes. 

Compared to the former method, the new video messaging system is expected to yield its ROI within just months.