Radiance LED Wall Enhances Community and Culture at Westport Library

February 28, 2020 by Bob DeZinno

Published in RAVE PUBS
February 20, 2020

by StephBeckett  @stephbeckett

Along the shores of Long Island Sound and in the middle of Connecticut’s Gold Coast lies the city of Westport. As one of the early colonial settlements in North America, Westport is steeped in a rich history for both English and Native American peoples. Now a vibrant community, Westport is a cultural hub for the surrounding areas and at the heart, lies its unique library. Having recently completed a massive renovation, the Westport Library is an active community space where visitors can not only check out books, but also interact with award-winning authors, host podcasts, create YouTube videos, and even attend Rock concerts. At the center of it all is a massive Radiance LED Video Wall from Digital Projection that welcomes visitors to an innovative, educational, and entertaining environment unlike anywhere else. [read more at Rave Pubs]

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